Pretty much all experts recommend that you have some sort of contingency plan in the event that the files on your computer become corrupted, your computer crashes or is attacked by hackers. They say that backing up your files using more than one external source is the best way to ensure that all you need is accessible at any time. One external method of backing up all of your important files is by using cloud backup services.  Once you’ve found the right one that has the features and space you need, it’s time to begin your backup.


All files that you upload to the cloud should be encrypted. A lot of the time, the cloud service will do this for you. Usually, all that’s required to back up your files to the cloud is to log into the service, start up any software that you may have had to install, and click the ‘Upload’ button. Depending on the nature of the files you are transferring to backup computer online, you may wish to set security and access permissions so that only those you wish to have access to your files will be able to get to them. Also, it may be a good idea to ensure you have copies of important files stores on external media besides the cloud.