Is English The World’s Second Language? Maybe Not For Internet Providers In My Area

Jun 19, 2013

According to conventional wisdom, it would be logical to consider English to be the second language globally. And this wouldn’t be a bad thing, according to some: after all, English becoming a common second language would allow for easier collaboration and problem solving the world over, without the worry of native tongues being at risk of non-usage. But some aren’t so convinced. Those on the skeptic’s side of the fence say that English may easily get in the way of those languages spoken less widely as it spreads.

When looking at the online world, the question about how much of its content is written in English is raised. And at least one web site opines that the number of web pages in English placed online via internet providers in my area and other companies is as much as 80%. According to one Middle Eastern blogger whose mother tongue is Arabic, but who blogs in English, their reasoning for doing so is to get their perspectives read by people around the world. This particular individual said that those who only read Arabic don’t tend to read blogs. Although English may be a popular language that is being used the world over, there is much concern over whether or not the proper and continued use of other languages will persist.

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