Is Now the Time to Compare Life Insurance Options? Think About This!

Jul 11, 2013

Some people who are starting to think about life insurance will hold off on looking into it because they want to get in tip top shape. The reality is that if you get a 20 year term life insurance, then you’re likely going to have to take a medical exam, or at the very least answer some health questions. Those who are in better shape will pay less, and so it makes sense that people want to find ways to get their rate as low as possible – especially since they’ll be paying it for up to 20 years. However, if this is your plan, then there are some things to think about.


First of all, many people put it off and don’t actually compare life insurance companies because they’re constantly waiting for their health to improve. If you are taking actual steps then it might make sense to wait, but the reality is that for most people, their health will only decline as they get older. Second of all, the changes you make may not be as drastic and effective as you think. For example, it may require much more weight loss than you’re considering just to get into a lower bracket.

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