Password Security and Internet Safety Requirements

Feb 24, 2016

Passwords are a part of life in today’s internet-driven lifestyle. We utilize them for a number of things – online banking, managing subscriptions, and online shopping are just a few activities that require secure passwords. A password can easily be lost or stolen, whether we forget it or it is compromised. Password security is becoming more important as the days go on. We are storing more data online than ever before, which requires more passwords than ever before to keep that data safe.  And thieves are becoming increasingly savvy in accessing your data as time goes on.


The key to better password creation and management lies in understanding how passwords may be compromised. Security breaches can happen on your internet provider’s end when the proper measures haven’t been implemented. Even if your broadband company has neglected to update their virus definitions, this can be enough for internet safety to become compromised. While there is nothing you can do about this except ensure your information has been stored in a safe location, it’s important to note, as many users assume their ISP has the proper measures in place. Users can protect their passwords by using password manager programs which allow for passwords to be accessed anywhere. Just make sure you remember the password to your password manager!

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