Save Money on Home Owners Insurance Coverage

Jul 18, 2013

Many homeowners are paying more for their home owners insurance then they have to simply because they don’t know of some simple ways to save a few dollars. For example, having the correct amount of smoke detectors could save you up to 5% on your home owners insurance coverage premium. Newer homes are typically more affordable to cover than older ones, but of course you can’t change the age of your home. You can, however, add a new roof, which could reduce your premium. Damage caused to roofs is one of the most common reasons a home owners insurance company pays out claims, so they’ll often charge less to someone with a newer roof.


Security is another way you could potentially save on your policy. Installing deadbolts is a good start, but a security system could save you even more. Some insurers are willing to reduce premiums by as much as 10% to those who have an updated security system. And of course having a security system can protect you against break-ins, which means you’ll have a lesser chance of having to make a claim and pay your deductible. These are just a few simple ways that you may be able to protect your home and save some money at the same time.

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