What You Need to Know About Trees and Home Owners Insurance Houston

Jul 24, 2013

trees and homeowners insuranceThere are tons of trees in Houston, and many homeowners aren’t sure about their coverage in the event that a tree should fall on their home and damage it. The short answer is that you’re most likely covered. Your next question may be: What happens if it’s the neighbors tree? Yep, most likely you’re still covered. Your insurance company may decide to pay the claim themselves or they may go after the insurance company of your neighbors. You can expect to be reimbursed for damage to the structure of your home, your belongings, and possibly even for removal of the tree.


Of course ideally you wouldn’t have damage from a tree in the first place. This can be prevented by taking regular maintenance measures. For example, trim your trees regularly. Look for branches that hang too far over your home, or that look as though they could be knocked down by a strong wind. You can hire a professional to trim if you have large trees or you don’t have a ladder or other equipment. Remember that even if you are able to get paid on a claim to your home owners insurance Houston, you still want to avoid having to do so.

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